How to find and rent a private apartment while studying Spanish in Spain

Do you want to take a Spanish course in Spain and prefer to live in your own private apartment but still close to the school?

In Spain, we have our own school based in Malaga, and affiliated and accredited Spanish language schools in the main cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Tenerife, Alicante, Cadiz, Granada, Marbella, and Seville). Our school in Malaga has a very nice availability of private accommodation close to the school. However, in the other affiliated schools, private apartments for students aren’t normally offered; instead they offer shared accommodation with other students in shared apartments, student residences, or with Spanish host families.

In this article we explain how to find a private apartment or studio close to each of our accredited spanish language schools in each one of our destinations in Spain where you can study Spanish.

First, choose the dates for your desired course and stay and in which city. Make sure you arrive before the start of your course and leave after it finishes. Enter these dates in the Airbnb website using the links provided below for each the cities with our affiliated and accredited schools. Select how many guests and type of accommodation.  Select your desired accommodation near to our accredited spanish language school. Book your accommodation via Airbnb. Finally, book your Spanish language course through our online form. 

For example, imagine you wish to take a 2-week Intensive Spanish course from the 8th to the 19th of March 2021 in Madrid. The Intensive Spanish courses always start on Mondays (8th March) and finish on Fridays (19th March). There are no classes during the weekends. So, you should arrive at least one day before the start of the course (7th of March, for example) and leave one day after (for example 20th of March).

Click here for a list of Airbnb accommodation close to our affiliated Spanish language school in Madrid (located in Calle Duque de Liria, 6, in Madrid city centre). In the picture below you can see a screen capture of the results for the above example.

  • Click in (1) to select the dates of your stay.
  • Click in (2) to indicate how many guests, in other words indicate if you are coming alone or travelling with family or friends.
  • Click in (3) to select the type of accommodation, for example, if you want the results to show you private apartments only, private rooms or shared rooms in shared apartments, or also include hotel rooms.
  • Once you have found the accommodation you want, confirm the booking of your accommodation in Airbnb.

Once you have booked your accommodation, go to the booking form for your Spanish course in our affiliated Spanish language school closest to the accommodation that you booked above.

Listed below are the links that include the list of private apartments and studios close to our other affiliated and accredited Spanish language schools in Spain:

School selection in Malaga (own apartments) airbnb selection in Malaga | Book your spanish course in Malaga

airbnb selection in Barcelona | Book your spanish course in Barcelona

airbnb selection in Salamanca | Book your spanish course in Salamanca

airbnb selection in Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife | Book your spanish course in Tenerife

airbnb selection in Valencia | Book your spanish course in Valencia

airbnb selection in Alicante | Book your spanish course in Alicante

airbnb selection in Granada | Book your spanish course in Granada

airbnb selection in Marbella | Book your spanish course in Marbella

airbnb selection in Seville | Book your spanish course in Seville

In summary, book your own private apartment for your Spanish course in 4 simple steps

  1. Use our links above to find Airbnb results close to our spanish language schools.
  2. Enter the dates of your stay, with number of guests and accommodation type.
  3. Choose your accommodation and book via Airbnb.
  4. Book your Spanish language course via our online booking form.

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