Holidays in Pedregalejo – Malaga and Spanish courses for US families

Adding value to vacations in Spain is currently in vogue, especially among families from the US. And what better way to make the most of idyllic vacations in Spain than with 4 hours of daily family classes (Monday to Friday).

Cervantes Escuela Internacional offers family programs and is situated in the classic fishing neighborhood Pedregalejo in Malaga city, the tourist capital of Southern Europe. Cervantes EI is a pioneering Spanish language school in organizing Spanish programs especially for American families, and of course, families from all around the world.

About Pedregalejo in Malaga

Pedregalejo is nestled on the coast east from Malaga and is the ideal place to enjoy a family holiday year-round, especially during the spring-summer months. Travel between Pedregalejo and the Malaga city center is easy and can be done on foot, bike, rent the new electric scooters, or a hop on a bus for a short 10 minute ride. Here you will find the old fishing village of Pedregalejo. Today, it has become one of Malaga’s most bustling areas and popular spots, while at the same time preserving its local character and old fishing village charm without being overly influenced by tourism. The beaches here are famous for being divided into small, u-shaped coves, making them ideal for families with young children. Pedregalejo is also an excellent place to enjoy water sports such as kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling.

A must visit, for historical interest alone, is the Baños del Carmen. This previously exclusive bathing resort was opened for the rich in 1918. A long, high wall separates the still beautiful building, its ruined gardens, and stony beach from the noisy, main road. The now restaurant and bar is set romantically by the sea is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching a magical Malaga setting sun.

The classical fishing village of Pedregalejo is most known for its fantastic selection of restaurants along its promenade, and the exquisite local fresh seafood served there. The restaurants are just a few feet from the beach with people sitting outside in the sun on the terraces as they watch the espeteros barbecuing sardines on wooden sticks in the “jabegas” (traditional fishing boats).
A selection of stylish and modern restaurants have recently opened in Pedregalejo. Here are just some of the restaurants worth paying a visit:

A typical day in Pedregalejo if you book a Spanish Program for Families with Cervantes Escuela Internacional in Malaga.

The family course takes place between 9.00am and 12.40pm Monday to Friday. Parents will participate in classes with other adults of a similar level, while children up to the age of 14 years will take a course with content specially designed for children and adolescents.

After classes, students typically go to the beach for a while (which is 200m from the school)  and have lunch or a light meal at the beach. For example, you could prepare some sandwiches during the morning before school and then eat them at the beach while enjoying the sun and beach, and the children play.

After the beach, you can enjoy the shopping district in El Palo (another typical Malaga neighborhood, which is 10 min on foot from Pedregalejo) or visit some tourist or cultural sites in Malaga city center (10 minutes by bus from Pedregalejo).

Click here for ideas for cultural visits and other things to do in Malaga, especially in the city’s historic center. There are also many things to do with children in Malaga.

At night, the best option for dinner is to return to Pedregalejo and enjoy the idyllic sunset while dining in one of the restaurants or bars along the Pedregalejo promenade. Below we highlight a small selection, but you will find many more options there:

– Miguelito el Cariñoso:  Miguelito el Cariñoso is one of the best chiringuitos (typical open air beach restaurant) in Pedregalejo. Málaga.

This restaurant specializes in fish and seafood, like most of the restaurants that you can find on foot along the beach, although there are also meat options on the menu. Their paellas are also popular in Malaga, and we also order their paellas or eat there after spending our morning at the Pedregalejo beach.

– Misuto: Exquisite gastronomic delights with fusion of the famous Mediterranean cuisine of Salido Alejandro Cordero and Sushi-Chef Rui Junior.

– La Galerna: This restaurant specializes in build-your-own custom burgers, sandwiches, and salads. You literally tick a list of the ingredients you want – choose your lettuce type, sauce, bread, and toppings. This restaurant also has a great vibe in the evening!

During the summer months, having dinner in one of the restaurants along the Pedregalejo promenade is ideal. It´s very typical to eat spit-roasted sardines (espetos) and fried or pan-fried fish. You can also order seafood or grilled fish or “espetao” as they say in Malaga.

In summary, doing a Spanish program while you enjoy vacations in Malaga would be the perfect complement to add incomparable value to your vacations to learn or improve the Spanish of the whole family and get to know the Spanish culture better, while also having the perfect advisor that will recommend family activities. In addition to the course, we can also offer accommodation with a Spanish host family living in the same zone as the school or offer accommodation in one of our private apartments close to the school.

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