Why should US students study Spanish in Malaga?

You live in the US, and you probably know something about Madrid, Barcelona, and maybe even Seville. Still, you may have never heard anyone mention Malaga as a destination to study Spanish.

Did you know that Malaga is the third most chosen destination by Spanish students, after Madrid and Barcelona, to learn Spanish and do a language immersion?

This article explains the big advantages that Malaga has for learning Spanish compared with more known cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Malaga, the most important tourist destination in South Europe

When choosing a destination to learn Spanish, not only is it important to choose a Spanish school accredited by the Cervantes Institute that provides the best guarantees, but it is also important to consider the place itself, the tourist attractions, and the leisure activities that we will find there.

Cobine your spanish course in Malaga with a great sun vacation

A small and compact city center

In contrast to Barcelona and Madrid, Malaga has a compact city center. The majority of the city’s attractions are found in a small area and it is easy to walk from one to another. Therefore, when you decide to explore the city after your classes, you will not need to use public transport a lot during your Spanish study program in Malaga.

Students enjoying explore the city

A center full of history

It will surprise you to discover that Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. And you can see the remains of almost 3000 years of history in a small area. You will discover the Roman Theatre, right in the city center. You can also find Phoenician walls and the Arab Alcazaba perfectly conserved.

Pedestrian Center

One of the best things that the city authorities have done for Malaga during recent years is pedestrianize large areas of the center. You will not stress about crossing wide streets or roads (as in Madrid) or find a pedestrian crossing (as in Barcelona). You can explore Malaga’s center via wide pedestrian streets that are perfectly signposted or lose yourself in narrow streets of Arab origin, where you will also not find any cars.

Combine your classes with a relaxing vacation

In Malaga, it is almost always sunny. This allows you to relax and enjoy the sun on the terraces of bars and restaurants, whether they are in the city center or along the promenade next to the beach.

Malaga, a green city

Malaga will surprise you with its floral scent. There is a lot of vegetation throughout the city, which also ensures that it is a city with low air pollution in contrast to larger cities in Spain such as Madrid or Barcelona. Right in the historic center you will find a green hill full of trees and vegetation through which you can stroll with well-signposted paths that take you to the top. Once at the top, you will be able to visit an Arab castle and enjoy panoramic views of the whole of Malaga, including both the port and the beach.

A surprising gastronomy scene

Today, Malaga competes with the best gastronomies in Spain and Europe with various world-class restaurants and a prospering gastronomy scene. Currently, it combines international cuisine of the highest quality with traditional typical Malaga recipes, such as fresh local fried fish. And best of all, going out to eat in Malaga is affordable at a moderate price. So, if you like eating out, you will love Malaga.

Malaga, perhaps the best city in Spain to learn and improve your Spanish

Malaga is easy to get to

The Malaga airport is one of the five large airports in Spain and has a wide number of direct connections with the most important airports throughout Europe where you can connect from your US flight.

Malaga, a friendly city

This is our top reason for learning Spanish in Malaga. We can´t think of a city more pleasant and friendly in which to learn a new language. You will have the opportunity to stay with a Spanish host family who will surprise you with their open and welcoming nature, so typical of South Spain.

The best Spanish language schools are in Malaga

Each year, thousands of students choose to learn Spanish in Malaga and, as a result, there are many language schools throughout the city.

This has generated a healthy competition, which pushes the Spanish courses taught in Malaga to continuously improve and reach a higher quality.

Opportunities to practice

When you are learning a new language, you want to make the most of opportunities to practice. In contrast to other large destinations, such as Madrid and Barcelona, Malaga has maintained its true Spanish character and continues to be authentic. This means that, as a language student, you won’t find yourself surrounded by foreigners that speak your language. In fact, you will have to speak Spanish.

A lot of language exchanges

Many places in Malaga organize language exchanges during the week. These are meetings where you speak your language during half the session and practice Spanish during the other half. One group that organizes language exchanges is Pachange, with weekly meetings; you can check their webpage for more details.

Easy to get to other places

While you are learning Spanish in Malaga, you will want to explore other areas of the region. Andalusia has a fabulous range of large cities and small villages that are worth visiting, along with impressive landscapes. Malaga is an excellent base from which to explore Andalusia: regular bus services and trains that connect with Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, Seville, Marbella, Jerez…

«Somos Málaga» (Promotional video)

«Málaga, mejor que nunca» (Promotional video)

In summary, you will want to come back Malaga!

Malaga is one of those cities that people fall in love with. It wouldn´t be surprising if you did too. Maybe because of its more than 300 days of sunshine a year, but once you have finished your Spanish course and returned to the US, you will probably be thinking about visiting Malaga again. And hopefully with a fluent Spanish level!

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