How to start your career in the US as a teacher of Spanish as a second language

Do you want to open the door to being a Spanish teacher in the US and offer in-person or online classes in a center that includes Spanish courses or give one-on-one Spanish classes yourself?

Currently, there is no official certificate worldwide that accredits you as a Spanish as a second or language teacher. The only specialization that exists is training courses offered by various centers, such as Cervantes Escuela Internacional. To work as a teacher in a private center, or in a university or other institution, you need to meet the requisites that each institution in particular requires.

But, taking the ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) training courses offered by Cervantes EI will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to start a career as a Spanish teacher. Cervantes Escuela Internacional is a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, and therefore, its certificates are also endorsed by this internationally recognized entity.

Requirements to Access the Cervantes EI training courses

You should have a C1 level or higher and have completed a university degree. It does not matter what degree you have or whether it is related to teaching ELE.

Where to start

To start as a teacher, we recommend starting with the Introduction to didactic ELE online course, especially if you do not have any previous experience with ELE training.

This course is online and is 4 weeks long. In general, students need an average of 3 hours of work per day.

This course introduces the didactics of Spanish as a foreign language and explores the most important and conflictive topics of ELE. This course by itself is already a plus to start working as a teacher, but, obviously, continuing to train and fill out your CV will be an added bonus. To do this, you can take the rest of the ELE training courses (8 in total, including the first introduction course).

Once you have completed the introduction course, we recommend taking at least the consolidation course before looking for employment options. You also have the option of booking the introduction and consolidation courses at the same time and receiving a significant discount.

What are the online training courses like? General description

The Online ELE training courses offered by Cervantes Escuela Internacional are online and do not have in-person exams. These courses are principally aimed at native speakers that wish to develop their skills to be a Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher.

These courses are based on an inductive learning method; that is, the course is divided into different thematic blocks that are opened as the course progresses, and students need to develop the included projects. Everything is done via a digital platform (like Moodle) through which the student also has direct contact with the course tutor via a forum. In this forum, students can clarify doubts, ask questions, hand-in projects, and is a general tool to assist the course’s correct flow and progress. Active participation is important, and students should hand in all projects and participate in the forums, even if only to notify the course tutor if a project will be handed in late. You must always respect the due dates for each project in the platform (due day and time). The average study time required is estimated around 3 hours per day.

A certificate will be provided on finishing the course by ordinary international post, as long as the student has adequately completed all course projects on the online platform. A scanned copy of the same certificate will be sent via email. The certificate is only provided in Spanish.

What qualification will I get?

Rather than a qualification, you will receive a certificate on course completion. It will be sent via ordinary international post as long as all online course projects on the platform have been adequately completed. A scanned copy of the same certificate will be sent via email. The certificate is only provided in Spanish.

What time are the online courses? Schedules

Keep in mind, being online courses, you can do the course at your pace and at the time that best suits you. Therefore, although the course is organized by teachers in Spain, you can take the course without any problems even if you live in the US.

In summary, in this article, we presented the best option that currently exists to open a career path as a Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher in the US, which you can study and complete totally online thanks to the use of new digital technologies.

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