Spanish Courses in Malaga and Stay with a Native Spanish Host Family

Do you need to learn Spanish fast and effectively? Currently, there are many ways to learn Spanish online or via in-person courses in your own country, but the best way to learn Spanish is still traveling to Spain and living with a native Spanish family.

One of our host families in Malaga

Cervantes Escuela Internacional is located in Malaga and is one of the areas in Spain where the purest Spanish is spoken. Cervantes EI offers Intensive Spanish courses and also offers the possibility of living with selected Spanish host families.

Staying with a host family is the perfect complement to ensure total immersion in the Spanish language. The student will have a privileged inside view of daily local life and will come to better understand the ins and outs of the local culture. Something which would not have been possible to learn in an online or in-person Spanish course. Having dinner with the host family and having the opportunity to join in their daily routine is a very authentic experience.

These are the main benefits of combining a Spanish course with Host family accommodation.

1. Language immersion

Living with a Spanish family, instead of other international students who may speak your language, means you have to practice Spanish every day. When you hear Spanish continuously spoken in your Spanish school, and then you have to continue listening to and speaking Spanish at home, your linguistic skills will improve quickly and naturally, almost without effort.

Living with a spanish family is the best option to learn spanish faster

2. Cultural experience

Living with a family will teach you the reality of how ordinary people in Spain live, and it will open your eyes to the real Spain over and above the stereotype and prejudices. The family will provide you with some or all of your daily meals, meaning you will eat local food while enjoying conversations with the family. You will have the unique opportunity to ask the family about aspects of life in Spain, or ask advice on where to buy things, the best places to visit, or popular local entertainment away from the usual tourist circuits that are swamped with visitors. Some host families may also fully include you in their activities and regular social outings, which saves you time and transport money.

Live with a spanish family and make friends forever

 3. The safest type of accommodation

Staying with a host family is possible for students from the age of 14 years (13 years if they join our Junior programme) and is the only accommodation available for those under 18. For young students, living with a host family is the safest way to enjoy your stay in a foreign country. And you also don’t have to worry about students buying food and meals. Usually, students develop a close relationship with the family and become good friends. Many continue to stay in touch for a long time after their stay. This means the student continues to have close contact with Spanish culture even after returning home.

4. Economic accommodation

A host family is the ideal accommodation for being free from economic worries because the price includes rent, meals, and a place to wash clothes. The student pays a weekly amount of around 230€/week and then only needs to consider small amounts of money for small daily items such as souvenirs or gifts.

In summary, especially for young students, but also for adults of all ages up to 99 years, living with a Spanish host family is the best way to complement a linguistic stay in Spain. An extensive list of candidate host families is available which can be adapted to each student’s specific preferences. Families with children, couples, or people who live alone. Families with pets or without pets. Etc.

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