Spanish courses online with native teachers from Spain

Cervantes Escuela Internacional has been offering in-person Spanish for foreigners programs for more than 30 years in Malaga. And in recent years has been a pioneering school in introducing a wide range of Spanish programs online.

We have 4 online course options available that adapt perfectly to both scheduling needs and to the intensity of the courses.

General Extensive Course – The perfect option for those that work or study. The course includes 2 sessions of 2 classes each time and takes place from 17:00 to 18:40 Spanish time. This is a continuous course in which the course content for each level continually rotates.

The best online course if you need to work or study

The minimum duration is 4 weeks, which can be extended as much as you wish. This course simulates on-site classes. It is possible to join on any Monday, although, absolute beginners have specific starting dates. Students that are complete beginners are able to start the first week of the first Monday of each month. Students at any other level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) can start any week they choose.

Who is this course for? Adults or professionals 18 years and older that do not have a lot of free time due to work or studies.

Skype private classes – these classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday between 12:45 and 18:00 Spanish time. You give us your time preferences. These lessons are programmed weekly (we send the schedule every Monday for the following week for confirmation – you have until Wednesday to confirm your schedule). There are 3 packages to choose from.

Take skype classes according to your schedule preferences
  1. Advanced: 5 lessons/month,
  2. Intensive: 10 lessons/month
  3. Super Intensive 15 lessons/month.

1 lesson is 50 minutes. Classes can be started 1 to 2 weeks after your booking is confirmed.

Who is this course for? This program is ideal for all ages from 14 years and up, who require a flexible schedule, want to decide the number of private monthly classes they want to do, and who may wish to introduce specific types of content in the classes.

General Intensive course – This course covers the most important content for every level in 4 weeks. This course involves a total of about 40 hours of individual work and 10 group video lessons. Individual work can be organized in your own time, but you should still plan to work every day for about 2 hours. (Individual work involves different activities published on the platform which you have to complete and submit before the deadline, the activities open day by day) Group lessons are scheduled 2 times per week during the first two weeks, and 3  times per week during the other 2 weeks. The video lesson times are scheduled by agreement between the school and the participants. The classes usually start at 4, 5, or 6pm Spanish time.

Improve your spanish level at the faster speed

This course is ideal for those that need to study or more levels from A1 to B2 as fast as possible.

Who is this for? Adults or professionals aged 18 years and older that have 4 weeks available during which they can dedicate an average of 2-3 hours per day to the course.

Moodle self-study platform –  With this Spanish program, you will receive a license for this platform valid for 1 year. You can enter at any time to do different exercises to practice grammar or vocabulary. This platform does not provide speaking practice, and no teacher is available.

Take the online lessons anytime you want

 Who is this for? This program is ideal for persons of all ages, 14 years and over, who are interested in being able to connect to a self-study platform at any time of the day for a maximum period of 1 year.

In summary, in this article, we presented 4 new ways of learning Spanish online that have reached an efficiency almost as successful as taking a face-to-face Spanish course in Spain.

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