Do you have a new job in Spain, and you need to improve your Spanish urgently but with a flexible schedule?

In this article, we outline the best options for Spanish classes offered by Cervantes Escuela Internacional for professionals and executives from the US that have been transferred to or have accepted a job with a company in Spain and need to learn the language fast.

Are you going to work for a company in Málaga, Spain, and need to improve your Spanish, but do not have the time required for the group courses that usually have classes from 9 am to 1 pm Monday to Friday?

If you are not able to join Intensive classes, the best option is to take private lessons that can be held at any time from between 9 am and 5 pm.

Choose private one to one spanish classes if you need a flexible schedule

These private classes provide the ultimate flexibility and can be tailored to your needs, making it a great option for business professionals or anyone looking for highly personalized attention and accelerated learning.

An advisor will guide you and prepare a customized program designed to help you achieve your goals. Additional activities can be organized if requested, including company visits or cultural excursions to complement the curriculum.

Private Spanish lessons are a great way to ensure that you gain the conversation skills and learn the specific Spanish vocabulary you need for your professional field or specific interest.

How many lessons per week? 10 private lessons per week (for example, 2 classes of 55 minutes per day from Monday to Friday) is usually recommended. In general, with 10 lessons, you will improve at a similar speed as with the Intensive 20 course (20 lessons per week in a group of 8-10 students), which is the standard course. But of course, you can take fewer or more classes, depending on your needs. In general, we recommend choosing 5, 10, 20, or 30 private lessons per week (even you can choose any number of private lessons from 1 to 30).

A flexible private lesson schedule

When joining private or semi-private classes, you will find some schedule flexibility; for example, you can book 10 private lessons per week and take them as 2 sessions of 5 lessons each, etc.


Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish, or any special tailor-made private one-to-one classes are generally available.

Spanish private classes are tailor-made programs

Classes are held on-site at our facilities. If you are interested in taking classes outside of our facilities but within the same city, contact us and let us know the address where you would like to take the classes, and confirm availability.

For Semi-private classes with more than one student, all students must have the same Spanish proficiency level, take the classes together, and arrive together. Prices are per person.

How much Spanish will I learn with private classes (10 lessons per week)?

How much you learn varies from person to person, and with the intensity of the course you choose. But you will notice significant progress from a course as short as 2 weeks, even as a beginner. On average, if you join 10 private lessons per week (similar to Intensive 20 classes), students complete level A1 in 3 weeks, A2: 4 weeks, B1: 6 weeks, B2: 8 weeks, C1: 10 weeks, and C2: 12 weeks or more.

So, for example, if you are a complete beginner, you could complete B1 in 12 weeks. With a B1 level, you will be able to understand the main points of clear standard speech and writing on familiar matters that you regularly encounter at work, school, or leisure, etc. You will also be able to deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling in a Spanish-speaking country. In general, you will be able to work in a Spanish company when you have a B1 or B2 level or higher.

Do you need to take the lessons online?

That’s totally possible with Cervantes Escuela Internacional. We also offer private online spanish lessons via Skype.

Take online spanish classes or combine in-site and online spanish programs

Our online teaching method is like a private class face-to-face with conversation, exercises and some homework. The teacher will also exchange files and documents with you.

In summary, if you have found a job opportunity in Malaga (Spain) that requires a certain Spanish level, Cervantes Escuela Internacional can offer you personalized classes with a flexible class schedule to achieve the Spanish level you need.

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